We welcome the opportunity to assess whether you meet migration criteria for either temporary residency or permanent residency to Australia. If you would like a free assessment, please complete Client Information Questionnaire and return to our office as descibed below:

Please ensure that you read the instructions on the first page carefully and that you provide the relevant answers to the questions on all of the pages by typing all the required information - ensuring that you save your work from time to time. We require this information in order to assess your situation correctly.

Once completed, please save your work and e-mail the completed form to us - using either the 'Submit' section at the end of the form or by sending the form to us as an e-mail attachment - in the same way you would send any other file as an e-mail attachment.

NOTE 1: Please DO NOT hand-write answers or fax/scan/post this questionnaire to us as our systems cannot process these formats. This Questionnaire should only be opened in Adobe Reader (version 8 or higher) or Adobe Acrobat (version 8 or higher). Other Adobe-replacement PDF viewing software (eg 'Fox-It') will not work properly, which may result in errors when using/saving the Questionnaire and should not be used. If you are having trouble viewing the Questionnaire, you may need to download an updated version of Adobe reader. This can be obtained without charge from the Adobe website:

NOTE 2: Some versions of Adobe Acrobat/Reader give you the option to 'Save a Copy'. DO NOT DO THIS, as it will remove certain functionality from within the form. If you need to save this form to another location after opening it then you must use 'Save As...' in Adobe Acrobat/Reader's file menu; do not use Adobe's 'Save a Copy' feature, as this will remove certain functionality from the Questionnaire.

NOTE 3: If you are using a Mac computer, please note that Mac's 'Preview' program is incapable of handling Dynamic PDF documents such as this questionnaire. The following 'how to' video provides a step-by-step guide on how to install the latest Adobe Reader program onto your Mac and, more importantly, how to ensure that the Mac uses that Adobe Reader program to open this Questionnaire: Please contact this office if you have any queries.

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